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Judge A. Howard Matz throws out racial discrimination lawsuit because ill plaintiff could not come in to testify
(even though she presented doctor's letters)
Judge A. Howard Matz blasted by attorneys and litigants alike on "The Robing Room"
Judge A. Howard Matz sides with copyright violators, rules against Universal - entertainment industry is stunned by the unjust decision; Universal to appeal immediately
Judge A. Howard Matz sides with a mobster, claims he didn't commit crimes, dismisses lawsuit even though mobster is in default and is later convicted for multimillion dollar fraud.
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Judge A. Howard Matz rules against Google, in favor of a magazine that features photographs of naked women. Google and Amazon say Matz' decision is against the law.
Judge A. Howard Matz confronted with a video that contradicts his improper statements to the jury
Judge A. Howard Matz Guantanamo ruling is overturned, Ninth, Second Circuits Rule Terror Detainees Cannot Be Barred From Access to Lawyers, U.S. Courts
Judge A. Howard Matz overturns punitive damages award by the jury. State Insurance commissioner is very disappointed by Matz' decision to overturn jury award.
September 11, 2009 – Hollywood Producer/Director BJ Davis named Central District of California federal Judge A. Howard Matz as a co-Defendant with known mob affiliates, for aiding and abetting them in committing serious copyright fraud and other RICO violations (Case No. CV 09-1771-PHX-JAT).

After numerous attempts of extortion against Davis, known affiliates of the Bonanno crime family arranged a takeover of his company and an award-winning film. After the feature’s premiere in 2005, when it received accolades and sterling film reviews, mobsters took possession of the footage, transported it across state lines and illegally re-edited the film for criminal gain. Scenes starring one of the mobsters were inserted, while the key portions of the film, sound and audio have been unlawfully modified or removed. The look and sound of the final creation betrays the fact that it was modified by amateurs, prompting scathing reviews from critics. Additionally, mafia henchmen created fraudulent critics to bash the film, in order to drive down the price of the stock, in a “poop and scoop” scheme of securities fraud.

The picture was subsequently, pulled from worldwide buyers and withdrawn from the 2006 Phoenix Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival, USA Film Festival, Palm Beach Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, Jackson Hole Film Festival, Houston-World Fest Film Festival due to litigation and harassment by the crime family of the late Salvatore “Bill” Bonanno and specifically Michael Paloma aka Saquella who was subsequently sentenced to federal prison because of Davis’ formal complaints to the FBI and SEC (United States v. Michael R. Saquella from the Eastern Federal District Court of Virginia Judge Leonie M. Brinkema presiding, Case No.1:07CR305-001). Saquella is now serving ten (10) years in federal prison for pillaging Davis’ company, Beverly Hills Film Studios, Inc., which is one of 15 victim companies, with 24,000 victims whom defrauded by Paloma and his co-conspirators of over $20 million dollars, as reflected in the Department of Justice Press Release, dated March 14, 2008.
BJ Davis was able to stop the extortion of his company, by making reports to the FBI, SEC and related law enforcement agencies, which resulted in convictions of certain key participants - including but not limited to Michael Paloma aka Michael Ralph Saquella (Eastern Federal District Court of Virginia, Case No.1:07CR305-001), Anthony Tarantola (nephew of Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno, (Eastern Federal District Court of Virginia, Case No.1:08-CR-00156-CMH ), attorney David B. Stocker (Eastern Federal District Court of Virginia, Case No.1:09CR118), stock transfer agent Phil Young (Arizona District Case 2:08-CV-01464-NVW) and their numerous co-conspirators . However, when Davis sought justice through civil litigation, seeking to have his film restored to its original state and returned to its owners, Judge A. Howard Matz simply stated that it was only BJ Davis’ “opinion” as to whether there was actually any occurrence of stock fraud or mafia involvement. This statement was made in spite of standing federal convictions that clearly identify Beverly Hills Film Studios as one of victim companies, specify that rampant stock fraud took place and prosecutors confirmed their awareness of Defendants' direct ties to the Bonanno crime family. Matz failed to curtail the illegal re-editing of the exhibited and locked film by parties who had no right to engage in such actions.

In addition to the illegal takeover and re-editing of his film, Davis and his family were subjected to threats, attacks and acts of violence, prompting the issuance of restraining orders against the Godfather and his lieutenants. Due to Matz’s personal relationship with former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Robert Bonner (who is involved in an unrelated pending case involving BJ Davis and his wife Julia Davis, a former CBP officer and whistleblower) Matz concentrated his energies on attacking and harming the Davis’ under the color of law. Matz has exerted the awesome powers and financial resources of the United States government to deny Davis his constitutional rights in contrived attempts to find Davis in contempt for defending his rights to a film he created, produced and directed. Matz stripped away Davis’ constitutional rights in his plight to aid and abet the Bonannno crime family.

Criminal elements and their co-conspirators defrauded buyers and distributors by selling the illegally altered version and entering into contractual agreements without any right to do so. Such violations are federal crimes, punishable by term of imprisonment and fines. In addition to filing a lawsuit, Davis also reported these felonies to appropriate authorities.

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Federal Judge A. Howard Matz and Mob Affiliates Named as Co-Defendants
in a RICO Lawsuit by Beverly Hills Film Studios, Inc. President BJ Davis
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Co-Defendants mafia crime boss, convicted felon Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno (sued through his estate), CDC federal Judge A. Howard Matz, convicted felon Michael Ralph Saquella aka Michael Paloma and convicted felon Anthony Tarantola (Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno's nephew).
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Judge Matz and Mob Affiliates Named as Co-Defendants in a RICO Lawsuit
Justia Docket Information - RICO Lawsuit Names Judge Matz and Bonanno Crime Family Affiliates
Judge A. Howard Matz Named as a Co-Defendant in a RICO Lawsuit
Michael Paloma Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Securities Fraud
Attorney David B. Stocker Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud in a Pump And Dump Scheme, Anthony Tarantola Pleads Guilty in a Related Case
Letter from Beverly Hills Film Studios President BJ Davis, to David B. Stocker & Michael Paloma
Phil Young Charged by the SEC for Stock Fraud
Letter from Beverly Hills Film Studios President BJ Davis, to Phil Young
Judge A. Howard Matz inapropriately protects other Judges from being recused or sued, wrongfully dismisses lawsuit against a Judge without leave to amend, violates due process rights
Judge A. Howard Matz sued under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization
Act (“RICO”) for misrepresenting the record of proceedings
Judge A. Howard Matz violates due process rights, First Amendment Rights and causes unlawful imprisonment
Judge A. Howard Matz refuses to recuse himself in spite of his relationship with Robert Bonner, fails to order DHS Agents to return illegally seized materials taken in two warrantless searches

The only good thing that can be said about Judge A. Howard Matz is that he's usually on time. Everything else is a pure tale of judicial horror. The most God awful judge you could ever encounter.
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